Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The request....

    Several Sunday's ago Mark J Lambert - handsome and exasperatingly stubborn young man that he is -invited my Father and Mother over for an evening meal. I, of course, was also present to design a menu suitable to my Father's palette and provide moral support. I was aware of the upcoming event. Mark avoids the spot light like a plague and facing the looming presence of my Father is not for the faint of heart. At dinner Mother bubbled with conversation and kept sending delighted looks in our direction (It is practically impossible to keep a secret from her) 
    After a good meal and an hour or so of conversation, I began to give Mark pointed looks and gave him a comforting and demanding kick in the shin under the table. (I am NOT a patient creature) His response was a slightly desperate glance in the direction of livingroom. I announced that we would be retiring to the couches to continue our conversation. Mark was slightly pale by this time and I began to wonder if he would pass out :) So naturally I took the initiative...
   "Honestly Father we had another purpose in inviting you and Mother for dinner tonight."
  Father nodded "I figure this would be coming along."
Mother beamed excitedly.
Mark took a deep steadying breathe.
"I would like to ask you... well, to request your daughter's hand in marriage." 
   Father nodded and paused to mull over the proper reaction and response. He began  a long dialogue comparing our strengths and weaknesses, listed my medical concerns, gave advice concerning the need for insurance...informed Mark that due to my Bi-Polar affliction he would be "marrying two different women" one of whom WAS NOT a good person (love you too dad)- which I had openly informed Mark of from day 1 of our courtship.  After 10 or so minutes of causing Mark and I to wriggle uncomfortably in anticipation. He paused, nodded and said
   "I feel that all in all you're evenly matched, I appreciate all the things you've done for Raquel, and I am happy to give you my permission and blessing."
   "Congratulations!" Mother gushed,  Then turning to Father declared "Well it took you long enough!" 
   My sentiments exactly!!

After Father and Mother returned home, I turned into a mushy crying fool and Mark hugged me worriedly, until i assured him that I was just ridiculously happy.
   "Me too," he said eyes sparkling "I can't wait to make you my wife."

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  1. Congratulations. Look forward to seeing all the exciting things to come.